Saturday, October 25, 2008

A post for October 2008

I need to make a post, if not it will be a record that I will not be proud of - a month without any post. I've been lazy. Truth be told, I've been busy but I've also been busy the other months before this. So, I can only truthfully say that I've been lazy and that is no excuse.

The Raya celebrations have been hectic, not as hectic as last year but busy nevertheless. To add to that my fourth child had his PMR two weeks after Raya. So we decided to postpone our Raya visits after he finished his exams on the 18th. Since then, it has been one open house after another.

We only spent two days in Melaka for Hari Raya. My visits were thus limited to the "compulsory houses" only, mostly my uncles and aunties. I can't help but note that all have them have aged considerably. When I saw them, it struck me that I may not be able to meet some of them next Raya. How I wish I can stay in Melaka and leave the hustle and bustle of Klang Valley. How I wish I have the financial means to realise this dream of mine.

I had other "better" stories but I'm too lazy to recollect and write about them. I just remembered I need to start preparing for my Board Meeting next week. I cannot forego my salary still.....sigh

That wasn't that tough after all.