Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Post of 2007

In a few hours 2007 will be history. What should a man fast approaching 50 look forward to in life? What should my new year resolutions be? Definitely not trying to earn more money in the new year. After all, how much longer can I expect to live in this world? Of course, I would not want to have to depend on others in my final years.

I can only wish for a healthy life, a happy family and the chance to give back to society. But that is already asking for too much, I think, so God please help me.

To all my friends, have a wonderful 2008 and thank you for the memories of 2007.


An Eventful 2007

It seemed like it was only yesterday when we ushered in 2007. I remember being caught in the jam at about midnight on 31 December 2006. I was trying to get home from office while people were going to celebrate the new year at the various sites in the city. I was driving along the MRR2 when I saw people parking their cars along the highway trying catch a glimpse of the fireworks display coming from the vicinity of KLCC. That was a year ago.

Now, it is the last day of 2007. How time flies. I've decided to take leave on the last few days of this year and stay home. I'm now trying to recollect the events of 2007.

1. The most significant event of 2007 for me must be the return to Rahmatullah of my dear father on 7 February. It was also my son, Arif's, 21st birthday.
2. A few weeks later my youngest brother got married and I had to assume the role of head of family.
3. In August, we organised a Reunion of my ex-university mates from 30 years ago. It was held in Selesa Hlllhomes and very well attended. It gave everybody a chance to rekindle old friendships.
4. In September a few friends from my High School days decided to organise a tahlil session for friends who have left us for the after world.
5. In December I organised my cousins (about 30 of them and another 30 kids) to help out with my cousin's wedding.
6. Our High School group managed to do a Qurban at our school surau.
7. Our university group organised another get together in Taiping
8. The country also saw some eventful happenings which included a few mass rallies.
9. Workwise, my company did well to complete our work well ahead of schedule.

Of course, there are other events but for this purpose maybe the above will suffice. All in all, 2007 will be remembered long after it is gone.

Syukur Alhamdullillah, Allah has blessed me and family for the year. Looking forward for 2008, I hope for Allah's continued blessing so that I can continue to be a useful member of my family and society.

Happy New Year to all.


Happy Birthday Hani

Its officially 31 December 2007 now. So its my youngest daughter, Nurhani's, birthday. She just completed her 11 years of existence in this world. Alhamdullillah. Next year she will be in Standard Six.

I do not have any complaints about her. Basically a good and obedient daughter. InsyaAllah she will continue to be like this throughout her life.

Happy Birthday Hani.


Sunday, December 30, 2007

Poor Show Lads

Manchester United lost away to West Ham (yet again) tonight. Last year, MU lost both home and away games to West Ham which has become its bogey team. Despite leading by a Ronaldo 14th minute goal they ended up losing 2-1. Ronaldo even missed a penalty when MU was still leading 1-0. With Arsenal winning at Everton, it will lead the standings going into 2008.

The team did not play well at all. Almost everyone played badly, maybe their worst performance all season. They are hardly able to hold onto the ball. West Ham was all heart and they certainly deserve to win tonight.

Lets get over this one and start afresh, MU.

Just a footnote: Tottenham beat Reading in a thriller at White Hart Lane winning 6-4 with Berbatov scoring 4 goals.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Taiping Saluki Holidays

As a follow up to the successful Reunion that was held in August this year, we decided to hold another get together among the Salukis, this time in Taiping.

Taiping has always been close to my heart. This is one of the locations that I went to with my late father-in-law when I first got married. About 2 weeks after I got married, my father in law asked me to accompany him to a trip to Perak, just the 2 of us. Can you imagine traveling with your father in law whom you have not met before you got married? My father in law was brought up in Setiawan where his father was a Mufti. So he had lots of friends all over Perak and I was supposed to accompany him to meet all his friends. I was thinking to myself why is he showing off his latest son-in-law to all his friends and relatives. Sorry, I digress but that is another story, for another time.

Anyway, we managed to "force" our Saluki friends in Taiping to organise our get together. There were only 3 of them in Taiping, Ron/Midah; Asmah and Ani. Just after we decided to have it in Taiping, Ron got promoted and transferred to Seremban so I guess Asmah and Ani had to do most of the work but I guess Ron/Midah had done their share before that.

We left our house at about 11:30am though we had planned to leave by 9:00 and spend some time at the famed Taiping lake. It was a smooth drive and we arrived at Bukit Gantang R&R at around 2:00. We performed our Zohor prayers and had something to eat. We finally arrived at Sri Malaysia around 3:00 where I met Dr Rahman and family at the check-in counter. I called Anwar but he was still at the golf course apparently trying to give out some money to Sle and Shariff.

After checking in we went straight looking for Asmah's house and we found it without much trouble. Taiping is a small town after all. Almost everybody were already at Asmah's. We were supposed to have a durian feast but Asmah had lontong and capati ready for us. This was to be the start of a 24-hour food fiesta for all of us. I started opening the durian. They were good. Before we could even finished what were there, Ani and hubby, Pian, brought some more durians. It was really a feast. Apparently they were quite expensive as they are not really in season yet.

We left Asma's at about 6:00pm. A few of us decided to head for the rather small pool at Sri Malaysia. I decided to catch a few minutes of sleep. When I got up and had my bath we were about ready for dinner. I met Bistaman at the lobby who told us that Chan and a few others had just left for Casuarina Inn. My son Afiq and daughter Hani had ran to follow the group. I remembered Anwar telling me that the place is to the left of the prison but we are now heading to its right but I just followed them. How wrong I was. We had to walk almost 25 minutes to reach the place that should have taken us less than 5 minutes. Next time I must remember to be careful about following Hassan's direction. But we sure worked up a good appetite. Dinner was a relaxed affair with good food and company. We managed to give a short introduction of our family members while waiting for the food to be ready.

After dinner (around 10:00pm) a few of us decided to experience the Taiping Zoo night safari. My family decided to skip this as we had been there not too long ago. So we stayed in the room and watch tv before falling asleep.

The next morning, after breakfast, all of us headed towards Maxwell Hill. Ani's hubby, Pian had arranged for the trip up the hill. But because we were late (the first jeep left at 8:00am) we had to make 2 trips. I took the second trip after having to wait for about one hour after the first trip had left. I had expected the weather to be much cooler up the hill but apparently it is not. We completed the hill climb and reach the hotel around 12:00 noon, just in time to check out.

I checked out at 1:00pm and headed straight towards Casuarina Inn for lunch. After the hill trip we were all quite hungry. Lunch was typical Perak food which include gulai tempoyak. The food was definitely well received by all, though at the back of our minds there will be another food fest at Kak Ani's shortly after that.

After lunch the whole group decided to convoy to Masjid Taiping for Zohor prayers which was led by Sdra Ruslan Salikan. Then we proceeded to Ani's house which was just a short distance from the mosque. Upon my arrival I started with the rambutans which were good. By this time the rest had started with the variety of food available. Apparently Ani had her whole family helping out with the food. Its all a family affair. Whatever, the food were good. This was after taking into account the heavy lunch that we had hardly an hour earlier.

We stayed for about 2 hours. Sle and Anwar managed to get the rain to fall with their karaoke session. At the end, we were really full. I managed to tah pau some of Kak Ani's kueh teow power which the kids had for dinner.

The drive back was slow as traffic was heavy and rain at a few locations. Along the way, I had to pass the steering to my son as I was getting sleepy. We finally reached Shah Alam (we had taken the Guthrie highway) at about 8:30pm.

It was tiring but well worth it. Thanks to all of you guys from Taiping for the hard work and congratulations on a job very well done. Heres looking forward to the next get together.


Busy Holiday Period (2)

Saturday, 22 December 2007 was the day my cousin got married. Her father is the only uncle on my mother's side. I had arranged for all my cousins and siblings to take up responsibilities on the wedding day. Now it is more fashionable for people to cater their food and also get "outsiders" to do the work. I told my uncle that he has more than 30 nephews and nieces who in turn have about 40 to 50 children who are willing to help out, so lets just do the work ourselves.

I had earlier bought 60 T-shirts to be distributed to all the cousins and their children who were helping out. It was an inspiring sight to see our families working together for a common cause. Alhamdullillah, everything went smoothly. The tents were well manned, the water supply uninterrupted and dishes were washed promptly even though the crowd was quite big. My uncle and auntie were very pleased, not only because the work were carried out well but more so for the family members to be able to get together.

At 1:00pm, I had to sneak out of the hive of activities as I had another function to attend to. I was also part of a team which organised a Majlis Qurban for our ex-school mates from Melaka High School. We had 3 cows to distribute. The activity started in the morning but I can only join in the afternoon, almost at the end of the program.

But it was good meeting up with friends some I have not seen for more than 30 years. I also met my Art teacher who managed to fail me more times than pass me. My only wish was I had more time with them. But the 2 hours in High School were up before I could realised it. I had to go back to my cousin's wedding which was also coming to a close.

Both events went on successfully without any hitches. The only glitch was I did not have my trusted camera with me, so no photos to be posted.

I left Melaka on Sunday to prepare for my next trip, a holiday in Taiping with my university mates from Southern Illinois University during the Christmas holidays.

Oh I just remembered that I have to complete my staff appraisal forms very soon as they are already overdue.


Busy Holiday Period (1)

Its the end of the year. As usual this is the most hectic period of the year. Everything seems to happen during this time. This year is no different.

20th December was Hari Raya Aidiladha. This year I decided to celebrate the occasion in Kelana Jaya unlike other years when I would head for kampong. It was more out of necessity rather than choice. The Nazir and Deputy Nazir of the mosque went for their Haj this year. So next in line in the mosque hierarchy is me, the Secretary. As such I had no choice but to be around for the majlis Qurban.

The mosque had always limit the number of cows for qurban at 3 a year. When we had more we always had problems distributing the portions for "fakir miskin". As in the past few years the state government donated one cow for our mosque. After the Sunat Aidiladha prayers we began our qurban. There were a good crowd who came to help out. Everyone seemed experienced and things moved on smoothly. We started with the donated cow as we wanted to cook the meat for a feast at the mosque.

By noon we were ready for our beef soup, kari daging and BBQ meat. The whole kariah were invited. We finished just before zohor prayers but the feast continued after zohor. In the afternoon I went visiting a few of my wife's relatives. By the end of the day all of us were tired and had a good sleep.

The next day, Friday 21st December I decided to go to work before taking leave for the rest of the year. I only went back to Melaka after Maghrib prayers on Friday,

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Legal Eagles

I always thought I would make a good lawyer because I've always found law to be intriguing and challenging. In college, it was my course requirements that I take one Law subject, Business Law. I ended up taking 2 courses, the other being Contracts and I scored "A" for both.

I tried taking up a part time Law degree at UiTM a few years back but had to abandon it after 3 semesters as my job at the time required me to be outstation too often. I was doing real well when I quit. My CGPA was more than 3.5, much better than most of the full time students. Maybe I should have another go at it soon.

But my interest in Law keep me reading anything law related. This was sent to me by a friend. There were afew in the email but I just choose one. Apparently this is from a real transcript from where else but America.

ATTORNEY: Doctor, before you performed the autopsy,
did you check for a pulse?
ATTORNEY: Did you check for blood pressure?
ATTORNEY: Did you check for breathing?
ATTORNEY: So, then it is possible that the patient
was alive when you began the autopsy?
ATTORNEY: How can you be so sure, Doctor?
WITNESS: Because his brain was sitting on my desk in a jar.
ATTORNEY: I see, but could the patient have still
been alive, nevertheless?
WITNESS: Yes, it is possible that he could have been
alive and practicing law.

And you know how much lawyers are paid in America?


Monday, December 10, 2007

Good Weekend

Manchester United beat Derby (as expected) 4-1
Chelsea beat Sunderland (as expected) 2-0
Reading beat Liverpool (unexpected) 3-1
Borough beat Arsenal (totally unexpected) 2-1

Now MU is just one point behind Arsenal. Come January a lot of teams will have their star players playing in the African Championships and MU will be spared. So hopefully, MU will peak during its traditional strong period and break away from the pack.

I sure can use the good news given how things have gone in some other aspects of my life.

Maybe I'm forever the optimist but InsyaAllah things will improve and people can see the good side of things for a change.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Idiotic Remarks (2)

Taken from Hindraff's badly written memo:




I would just like to quote some statistics which I gathered from the websites of the respective bodies:

1. Out of the 8 Malaysian Medical Association (MMA)EXCO Members, 5 are Indians, 2 Chinese and 1 Malay.
2. Out of 14 State MMA Chairmen, 5 are Indians
3. Out of 44 past MMA Presidents from 1959 to 2007, 20 were Indians
4. Out of 36 Council Members of the 2007/2008 Malaysian Bar Council, 15 are of Indian origin, 11 Malays and 10 Chinese.
5. Out of the 14 Members of the Kuala Lumpur Bar Council, 9 are Indians, 3 Chinese and 2 Malays
6. Out of the 11 Sub Committee Members of the Selangor Bar, 7 are Indians, 3 Chinese and 1 Malay.

Can anybody imagine the Indians in Malaysia which constitute less than 10% of the population being subject to "Ethnic Cleansing" and "Persecuted by Islamic extremists backed Government" with the above statistics?

I will be the first to admit that more need to be done for the poor Indians in Malaysia but that is also true of poor Malays and Ibans and Kadazans.

So, to the leaders of Hindraf, Stop Making Idiotic Remarks.

Monday, December 03, 2007

A Short Trip to Bukit Tinggi

Over the weekend my family and a few teachers from SMK Sri Permata kad a short trip to Berjaya Hills in Bukit Tinggi. We had planned this a long time ago but had to postpone it a couple of times as every one was busy with their stuff. We finally managed to do it during the school holidays.

All the teachers except for the Penyelia Petang were part of the school's computer literature class. They have been working very hard throughout the year and I thought should be rewarded with a trip. Though the trip was short, hardly 24 hours, it was okay, I thought. After all there was nothing much to be done there. Staying any longer would have been a bore.

We discussed a bit on the plans for next year. The big issue was our inability to collect money from parents to finance the classes. For the past several years we had collected RM70 per student to pay for the materials and more importantly to continue upgrading the equipment. That is why our school have one of the best equipped computer labs, even better than some of the Smart Schools around. Now we cannot collect any money. Actually, we have had no problems collecting the money from the parents. After all, RM70 a year for a computer class that teaches introduction to computers, Word, Excel and Powerpoint is damn cheap. For students who genuinely cannot afford to pay the PIBG will subsidize or even pay the whole fees for them. We just thinking about expanding the clsses to Forms 3 and 4 and now we may have to scrap the whole thing. What a waste.

Anyway, we had a good outing and there are now plans to make this a yearly affair and the teachers want to start saving money from early of the year. That is a good idea and maybe next year we can go for a better holidays.