Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Devils go to Moscow

I managed to watch the MU vs Barcelona game last night. It was a tense affair. We did better than the game in Barcelona last week but not by very much. Barcelona was having most of the possession but just like last week, they did not make that advantage count. MU's defence was good, though Van Der Sar looked jittery at times in the first half. But what counted in the end was we won and we are going to Moscow.

Lets win the next 3 games and celebrate a memorable double.

Note: MU won courtesy of a Paul Scholes' goal in the 15th minute. There were a few more chances after that notably the header by Nani and an effort by Park Ji-Sung.

Continuosly Opposing

On my way to the office today I chanced upon hearing the live broadcast of the Parliamentary sitting over the radio. I may not be in the best position to pass comments as I only heard a portion of what was going on but the little that I heard does not please me one bit.

Ipoh Timur was "busy" going against the new Speaker and the rest of the herd (both BN and PR, I'm sure) were busy heckling everyone else on the opposite side. From what little that I can make out, they were busy talking about Point of Order. I know it is important to do things according to the book but lets get down to "doing the right thing instead of just doing things right". There are so many questions from the MPs (despite the fact that some MPs find it fit not to submit any question) that need to be answered that time wasting should be the last in everyone's mind. But no, they have to "put their foot down" on doing things right and show to the world that we have a "First Class Parliament".

Maybe we should blame the fact that the session was being telecast live over TV and radio and everyone want to score points. Even the sole (I maybe wrong here as they could be other independent MP) Independent MP managed to say something stupid just to make sure that his name will make it into tomorrow's papers. Seemingly, it doesn't matter if he was reported in a bad light as long as his voters know that he was in Parliament making his presence felt.

Maybe some MPs from the PR stable have been in the Opposition for so long that they forgot that they are actually the "government in waiting" (at least that is what they claimed to be). They also forgot that there are now 82 of them now and they cannot monopolise the question time just because they have been in Parliament for so long (some of them in fact have been in parliament since 1969, that is almost 40 years ago). I read an article recently about the Jurassic BN MPs but I feel some in PR are equally, if not more, Jurassic.

I would like to humbly suggest to the PR MPs to show some good examples and act like they are really worthy of being called YBs despite the fact that the Speaker maybe biased and the BN MPs are acting like street bullies. I would also like to suggest that PR give more opportunities to their newer MPs to show their capabilities instead of the MPs who have been in the limelight all these years. The senior PR MPs can act as advisors and chip in as and when necessary.

I know I maybe asking for too much but as they say there is no harm in asking. The worse I will get is they will say no. So what?

Friday, April 18, 2008

Old Folks do not blog

I was on the phone with my son who is currently studying in Monash University recently. He said his friends just found out about my blog and they were surprised. I asked him what is there to be surprised about. Oh..they thought only the young write blogs.

Do I have news to these friends of my son. They must have been really busy studying for their exams that they do not have time to web hunt. There are many senior bloggers who have religiously managed to keep writing and updating their blogs. I can name a few of them very easily. Pak Idrus and Pak Zawi immediately come to my mind. Of course there are some ex-journalists like Dato' AKJ who blogs consistently but writers can't stop writing or else they will go crazy. But I'm talking about non-writers who suddenly found their penchant for writing through blogs at a late age in life, mostly after they retired.

As for me, I would just like to record the pertinent events in my life for posterity. Of course, there have been many interesting events lately but I've not been writing 'cos I've been too busy reading.

Anyway, I'm not as old as these people. I'm not a retiree yet. But more importantly, I do not consider myself anywhere to being old. So my son and his friends better stop thinking that I'm old.

A word of advise to my son and his friends: you all better start blogging from now. Do not wait until you are old.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Its been a while

Phew.. it has been a while since I last made a post. I've been busy, real busy with work. My Principals from Dubai and Japan were in town. We made a presentation and demo to our Client. I thought it went well and now we have to wait for their evaluation. In the meantime, exciting things are happening on the political front. I have been wanting to write on this but somehow or other cannot find the time.

This weekend is going to be another busy one. Both the KAFA school (where I'm an AJK) and my son's secondary school have events that I need to attend. To make matters worse my wife was involved in an accident when the car she was driving was hit by another car. Luckily, she was alright but one side of the car was hit quite bad. I need to send the car to the workshop to get an estimate of the cost of repairs.

On Sunday, I intend to bring the family to visit the Book Fair. Hope I can do it.

Have a good weekend.