Monday, October 26, 2009

A Hectic Weekend

My weekends have been hectic for the past few months. Our house renovation has taken its toll on us and deprive us of our rest days. It is almost completed but the unpacking is still "work in progress". I will leave that task to my dear wife.

Last weekend was particularly busy. Saturday morning was spent looking for things for the house (still). After zohor prayers, our next door neighbor had a kenduri as he and wife are going to perform the hajj this year. AT around 5:00pm we headed for Melaka to visit my sister in law who just had an angiogram done. Had a good dinner in Bandar Hilir (just opposite the Melaka prison). We spent the night at her place in Umbai.

Early Sunday morning we left Umbai for Jasin to visit my Makcik. Discussed a few things on the preparation for my sister's wedding in December. Later, visited my uncle (Pak Ali) to ask him about his recent doctor's visit. His vision has deteriorated and he is required to undergo some procedures which he is very reluctant to do and I was trying to coax him into doing it. Around 11:00 am, we left for KL to catch my staff's (Anwar) wedding.

We reached Anwar's place (Taman Medan) at around 1:30pm. Most of the office staff were present. I have always made it a point to attend all my staff's weddings. After the wedding, we went to Shah Alam to look for things for the house (still). By the time we are done, it was 5:00pm. We headed straight to Ampang to visit my auntie who had just undergone a major operation. We were there until maghrib. We had our dinner at Al-Rawshah Lebanese restaurant in Jalan Ampang. I was introduced to this place by my ex-boss and have been there a few times before but it was the first time for my family.

By the time we reached home it was past 9:00 o'clock. I took a shower and got myself ready for the big BPL game (Man U vs Liverpool). It was a tense game and both sides could have played better but I sensed Liverpool wanted to win the game more. The referee was also no help to Man U. In the end, Liverpool won 2-0 and ended their 4-game losing streak while Man U had to concede the leader board to Chelsea. To be fair, I think Liverpool deserve the win although I was again disappointed with Rio Ferdinand's performance. Maybe its time for Sir Alex to drop him for a few games.

Went to bed at around 1:00am after reading some emails which somehow kept coming despite it being a Sunday. It was a tiring weekend but a productive one. If only Man U had won it would have been a great weekend. I guess, you can't have it all.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Al Fatihah for Yusof

I started going to school in 1965 when I entered standard 1 at Jasin English School. I was there until 1970 when I completed my primary education. During the six years there I met my first friends outside my kampong circle. Those days mixing with others outside your neighbours is a luxury. The school was about 6 kilometers away from where I was staying with my grandfather but it seemed very far. The only means of transport was the local bus service which ply the route about once every hour. Taxi service was available occasionally but beyond our means. We only use taxis in times of emergency.

Back to my primary schooling. I spent quite a bit of time in school since there is nothing much to do at home. It was in school that I met a lot of new friends. One of them was Yusof. We called him Yusof Mamak because of his dark skin. Actually he must have been of Indian origin. His family had a shop in Jasin town selling curries and related foodstuff. During the time when most of our parents were rubber tappers or farmers, having a parent who is a shopkeeper must have put Yusof on the "well to do" group. Despite that Yusof was "one of us". I do not remember being in the same class as Yusof but we met often enough (especially on the field during games) to consider him as a friend.

We were separated when we went to secondary school. I and a few others were given the opportunity to go to Melaka High School while Yusof continued in Jasin Secondary English School. However, we still met once in a while especially during the school holidays since he lives in town and we need to get to town to catch our connecting buses. After secondary school I completely lost contact with him but I still "keep track" of his whereabouts.

Then we started working, having families and these made it more difficult for us to meet up. I came to know that Yusof has moved out of his parents place after marriage but still live in Melaka, so it must still be quite near. After all, the furthest distance between two places in Melaka cannot be more than 60 kilometers.

About 2 years ago I was told Yusof was involved in a bad accident. I think he was riding a motor bike. Yusof was known to be a fan of big bikes and he must have owned at least one big bike. I was told he was bed ridden after the accident. Me and a few friends talked about paying him a visit but we never got around to actually doing it. Last week, I received an sms from Mokhlis (a friend who always find time to keep track and inform everyone of our friends' activities) that Yusof is in bad shape and is being transferred from Melaka to HUKM. Over the next few days I received updates about his conditions. Still I did not find the time to visit Yusof at HUKM, though it is only a short drive away. On Wednesday, 7 Oct., I received this sms from Mohklis,

"Innalillahi wainnahi rajiun... Al fatihah.... Dari Wahid... Sdr. Yusof Mamak telah kembali ke rahmatullah pada pukul 1:45 pagi tadi. Will inform details once I got it."

I've lost another friend though I cannot consider him to be a close one as I've not seen him for quite a while. God has given me a lot of opportunities to do some good deeds by visiting Yusof while he was sick (more than 2 years, if I was not wrong). In fact in his last days, God made it even easier for me as Yusof was transferred to HUKM from Melaka. Still I cannot find time for a friend. What kind of friend am I?

Al Fatihah for Yusof. Moga Allah cucuri RahmatNya ke atas roh Yusof.