Friday, June 26, 2009

Sleepless in Kelana Jaya

In my more than half century of being on God's Earth, its not often that I have trouble falling asleep.

But when someone you love and care a lot ignores you, you begin to worry. After all you only want the best for them, more than what you want for yourself even and you become ....

Sleepless in Kelana Jaya

Ya Allah Kau Lindungi lah dia dan berilah kemudahan dalam hidupnya

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I lost my Notebook and my cool

I lost my IBM Notebook today, the first time in my life. I'm feeling really terrible ...even after almost 10 hours. I just do not know how to start doing my work. I'm lost.. totally lost. The following are some of the things that I lost in that notebook of mine:

1. almost 6 years of works that I have done for my present company from memos, working papers, letters, budgets, proposals, implementation plans, presentations.. you name it its in there. Basically, the whole company history is in there
2. more than 3 years of my work as Secretary of my mosque from notice of meeting, minutes of Committee meetings, AGMs, reports, proposals etc
3. many years of my work in PIBGs in 3 different schools for the past more than 7 years
4. many years of my works in my previous 2 companies
5. records of my share trading activities
6. many years of my personal and family photos (at least the last 3 years Hari Raya). There should be more than 2,000 photos (some of them priceless photos of my late father)
7. more than 10,000 email messages of various topics, though mostly work related some are personal in nature
8. various matters of interests that I have accumulated over the years
9. hundreds of songs that I've downloaded (mostly of the 70's era)
10. many more that I cannot bear thinking about.

Unfortunately for the person getting hold of my PC there is no pictures or video of me or anybody else in compromising situations.

I'm sick of the way the notebook was lost. I'm angry with my staff who were lax and/or negligent in their actions. I'm pissed off with the thieves who just walked into my room and took it away. I'm not supposed to pray for bad things to befall onto another human being but what I'm hoping would befall the thieves who stole my notebook is definitely not pretty.

The last time I did any back up was last year but I do not know where I put the back up hard disk.

These things are not supposed to happen to us..only to other people. So, though we know full well ALL the safety precautions and SOPs, we choose to ignore them. I've learnt my lesson ..the hard way.