Tuesday, July 31, 2007

On the road again

I'm making a short trip to JB with Radzi tomorrow morning. However, before that we will have a meeting with our Client in Putrajaya. In JB we have to visit 2 sites and we are scheduled to meet up with the Director of State of the Agency. Something just happened last week and I thought I should have a first hand information on the matter before I make any recommendation.

Its going to be another long day but what would they know? Would they even care? After all, I'm making money for them.

Is it time? Only He knows


Saturday, July 28, 2007

I must be old

Today, I went to visit my wife's auntie in Banting. We met her at a kenduri last weekend and she asked us to pick up some rambutans at her place. When I first got married her house was among the first that my wife brought me to visit on her side. I am very fond of her whom we called Cik.

When I was younger I would be the one she depend on to climb the trees during the fruit seasons, be it rambutan, dokong, langsat and manggis. I had even climbed her cempedak tree which was quite high. Today I tried to climb the rambutan tree and was unable to do it. I told myself it must have been the tight Bruberry (imitation pair bought in Bandung) slacks that I was wearing or the wet trunks caused by the rain in the morning.

However, I think the REAL reason was that I was just too heavy. Moreover, I was not fit to lift myself up the tree. This is the same tree that I have been climbing all these years with such ease.

I must be old.....

Friday, July 27, 2007

Aizat's Birthday

It is Aizat's 14th birthday today. I'm sure he has been telling everyone at school about it. I feel sorry for him for not buying his present today. I have been real busy. Hopefully I can do it tomorrow. Aizat is a good son. Maybe a bit lazy with his school work, but what do you expect from boys, I can live with that. The only problem I have with him is his temper. He will easily get riled up and throw his tantrums though he will get out of it as fast as he got into it. My worry is that it will affect his health if he continue in the same manner.

In the morning I sent my car for servicing. Normal 20,000km servicing and it costs me more than RM500.00. Wow. No wonder some people do not send their car for servicing until they break down.

After servicing the car and attending a meeting which was hastily called by a friend, I left for Melaka. My sister is going back to Adelaide to finish her PhD and Makcik wants to send her off at KLIA. They wanted to take the bus but I thought I might as well go back to Melaka and pick them up.

I reached Jasin at about 1:20pm, just in time for Friday prayers. Normally I would pray in my kampong but today I decided t try the new mosque in town. Actually it is not so new as it was completed a while back but I have never used it before. It was a very nice mosque but today it was only slightly more than half filled. Maybe there are too many mosques around. After Friday prayers there was a solat jenazah. Since I have some time I decided to perform this prayer. Not many people waited for it. Maybe they had to rush back to the office. Lately, I try to participate in solat jenazahs. Hopefully when it is my turn, I will have people praying for me. It turned out we were praying for a small child. The Imam read the doa and translated it into Malay which was good. At least we know what we are asking for from Allah swt. I hope the parents redha with Allah's test.

I reached Kesang and had lunch. Kampong cooked food has always been my favorite. I know today will be special what with my sister leaving for Australia. Sure enough, it was curry ayam kampong and sambal udang. Apparently my brother-in-law had a good catch of prawns the day before. So I had more than my usual share of lunch.

We left at about 3:30pm and reached Klang at 5:00. My sister's flight is at 9:30pm so I still have some time.

Quite a few things to do still:

1. Prepare letter to Pak Lah and mail to Chairman
2. Complete masjid report for AGM
3. Write Board Paper on work progress and project status
4. Prepare site visit plan to send to DOI
5. Complete tasks for Reunion
6. Collect funds for school Jogathon

I better stop before it demoralize me.


At Last...

At last I managed to do this. I've been meaning to do it a long time ago but for all the reasons and excuses in the world I've managed to not do it until now.

Why now? Only God knows. As He says (as remembered by me): "Man plans and God plans but it is His plans that will materialize". So, today, He decided that I will start this. For how long will I do it? Only He knows.

What will I write about? Anything that I fancy at the time of writing. This is MY Place so I decide what goes into it. I may entertain requests from time to time but I hope this place will allow my kids and their kids to have a peek of me when I'm no longer around.

I'll stop now so that I will not burned myself out.

Best wishes