Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mee Udang Sungai Dua Penang

As mentioned in my previous post, we went north to register Aizat at MRSM Kepala Batas. On the way we stopped for lunch of Mee Udang Sungai Dua. It was good as usual but a bit pricey. The prawns cost us RM80 per kilo. Of course we did not buy a kilo of prawns but we had 3 large prawns each and together with the mee and drinks our bill came to slightly above RM100 for the 6 of us. But I must say the mee was good and the prawns fresh and tasty.

Actually, we wanted to try out Mee Banjir Udang in Kuala Sepetang near Taiping. We saw this place featured in a TV rogram recently and decided to look for it. We found the place just outside the town of Kuala Sepetang but the place was so full of people we decided to skip it and head towards Sungai Dua for its famed Mee Udang instead.

Now that Aizat is in Kepala Batas it looks like we will have our mee udang Sungai Dua more often


Apak Razak said...

salam..n good day. i've been to both places you had mentioned in the articles (Sg. Dua & K.Sepetang). at S.Dua you have to buy prawn if want to taste that mee and a bit costly. I aggree with you. If you try at K.Sepetang, you have to be patient because it takes time upon ordering (40 min to 90 min to enjoy your meal) because crowded especially during weekend and peak season. there have package of RM6,RM10 & RM12 for a bowl of mee with 10pcs - 15 pcs of prawns. why not you try my suggestion place called "Resepi Bonda Mee Banjir Udang" at Kemunting. It is located nearby 'Kem Tahanan I.S.A.' beside welding shop. the mee same as K.Sepetang (mee with about 10pcs medium/big size prawn and cost you about RM5.50 a bowl)its worth it.the taste maybe better than K.Sepetang (my tounge,not sure yours). last C.N.Y. holiday when I'm back from KL, I just stopby but unfortunately they temporary stop their business for renovation and maybe will continue their operation in April 2009...just try to taste if you come to Perak. selamat menjamu selera..

Hussin said...

Sdra Razak (??)

Sallam. Thanks for visiting and also sharing the info on the mee and udang. I have some friends in Taiping and may try out the Resepi Bonda Mee Banjir. Sounds worthwhile and good value for money.

Thanks again.